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  • Potent Blend
  • Low Stem Formula
  • Gut Friendly
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Metabolyz by Primabolics offers a specially formulated mix of herbs, amino acids, minerals and traditional ingredients that have continued to be streamlined since introduction to the market. This includes a recently updated formulation, taking everything that made it great and amplifying it.

Whether you are starting your wellness journey or are leading an active lifestyle, Metabolyz by Primabolics can help. Not only can its potent blend aid you in achieving your body composition goals, but it also offers gut health aid for support inside and out.

Why should you use Metabolyz by Primabolics?

  • Potent blend
  • Low stim formula
  • Gut friendly prebiotic fibre and polyphenols
  • Adaptogenic herbs to support mood and wellbeing
  • Support your wellness journey
  • Updated formularion

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