Melissa Miragaia: Antioxidant stack for optimal health

Melissa Miragaia: Antioxidant stack for optimal health

I have been a personal trainer and gut health “Ayurvedic medicine” and nutrition specialist since 2012. My approach to health and fitness is very individual with my Ayurvedic medicine background. Absolutely everyone is different so therefore everyone’s approach to health and fitness should be different also.

My mission is to continue teaching people about individual body/mind/reactions and connections. We are all individual and unique; there is never a one size fits all diet, exercise regime or supplement routine.

Personally, I have a small number of non-negotiable supplements that aid my wellness, immunity and recovery. The first being NAC (N-acetyl cysteine). NAC is my all-time favourite supplement (an amino acid), and it has many different health benefits including but not limited to: assisting to replenish glutathione (an antioxidant produced in cells) levels in the body and recovery of muscle function and brain health. Because NAC helps to create the antioxidant “glutathione” and is an antioxidant on its own, it acts as an extremely strong defence to the immune system and overall health. I have been taking NAC for over 3 years everyday due to the health concerns in our current world, and I can safely say (touch wood) that my health and immune system has never been better.

Like NAC, Quercetin also has many different health benefits and is another absolute favourite supplement I have taken for many years. It is a strong anti-inflammatory, assists the adrenal system (fight or flight response) by treating the
nervous system, reduces allergy symptoms to assist with the immune system, creates a less likely chance of developing dementia and Alzheimer's by fighting oxidative damage to your brain cells and supports healthy ageing, again, just to name a few.

Now my absolute favourite, STACKING Quercetin and NAC together: 
Antioxidant supplements are used in conjunction to combat oxidative stress (this is the term used when your body is suffering of damage from free radicals). Free radicals are a natural stage of the ageing process however free radicals from external (un-natural) effects will cause overwhelming level of oxidative stress. This can be from air pollution, radiation, toxic chemicals and cigarette smoke, for example. This can lead to fatigue, fine lines and wrinkles (OH NO), Grey hair, headaches, immune system function, memory problems, muscle pain, and damaged eyesight. 

By stacking NAC and Quercetin, the antioxidants will assist in breaking down these free radicals for your body to eliminate. Unfortunately, because of the amount of toxins and external factors present in our environment, the antioxidants that our body naturally produces is not enough to assist in this elimination.
This is where supplements like stacking NAC and Quercetin become extremely

I personally mix my NAC and Quercetin with my Switch Nutrition Vitality greens powder (an added bonus is the flavour, because NAC and quercetin do not taste very nice LOL), but also so this makes sure I take them every day. I hear time and time again people forgetting to take their supplements, so this helps to ensure all 3 are taken every day, and with this blend is actually tastes very nice. 

This wonderful supplement contains 33 ingredients; a blend of organic, spray free
greens (high levels of again antioxidants, vitamins and minerals), organic mushroom blend to assist all vital systems, digestive enzyme blend, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Well I mean if all those reasons aren’t enough to start taking this supplement I am not sure what is.

As you can tell by my 3 stack (NAC, Quercetin, Vitality Switch) you can see I LOVE my antioxidants. And seriously in today’s environment they couldn’t be more important!

I personally have dealt with gut health issues in the past (which is how I discovered my practice of Ayurvedic medicine). For this reason, I am always looking after my gut health and sourcing the easiest digestive products I can find. Cyborg Collagen pro is exactly that, made from Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides (HCP), making the protein source extremely gentle on the gut. Collagen also assists with healthy joints, skin and nails. However, one point to make
is that even though collagen proteins are my absolute go to they are naturally lower in BCAAS missing the essential amino acid “tryptophan”. Which is why I am always recommending Cyborg Collagen “PRO” as this amino acid has been added.

So there you go, do yourself a favour and start stacking:

Trust me you will not look back. 

Melissa Miragaia.

DISCOUNTED STACK: Vitality Switch 30 serve + Quercetin + NAC 

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